makes your URLs super short and beats down web trolls with a built in frame buster. Stop giving up affiliate earnings and leaving your pages unprotected and use! Learn More »

The Problem

More and more websites are starting to frame content, these sites include online marketplaces, forums, social media sites, and more. This allows the person framing your URLs to insert their own affiliate links, place ads above your content, and can also be a security risk to your secured website.

The Solution

When you use to shorten your URLs we scan each click through to make sure no one is framing your URL, if framing is detected our frame buster will get to breaking legs! Well, not really but the frame will be removed and your user will be sent to the location they were meant to be

Planned Features

There are some great features coming to in the near future. The ability to place your own tracking pixel within our frame buster, and we currently have a private API for creating links on the fly that will be released soon. Be sure to check back to get in on your beta account.

Link life is currently rated at a minimum of 10 years as well, depending on the funding / cost of running this service the site will most likely remain on-line for many decades.